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From rejuvenating your hair to revitalising your scalp, call Zizi Brown in Reading to book an appointment. At Zizi Brown hair salon, our highly trained team are ready to transform your hair.

Call today to book an appointment with Zizi Brown hair salon today. 

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Professional hair treatments to revitalise your hair

Battling relentless frizz? Consider the transformative power of Keratin treatment. This groundbreaking procedure restores your hair's inherent keratin, fortifying it to radiate strength, sheen, and a silk-like texture. Our adept stylists meticulously apply the nourishing serum, enriching every strand from root to tip.


For those seeking an added hydration surge, we offer an enhancement booster to maximize moisture retention. The outcome? Gorgeous, effortlessly manageable hair that maintains its sleekness for an impressive span of up to 4 months. Experience this hair revolution first-hand today.

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Express hair treatments

If your hair needs extra care, consider incorporating our specialised in-salon treatments into your regular appointment to enhance its health and appearance.


Our treatments, enriched with natural ingredients, are designed to improve your hair's texture and look, whether it's revitalising damaged hair or hydrating dry strands.

Choose our expertly selected care options to maintain the vitality and shine of your hair.

Rejuvenate for sleek, straight hair

Dealing with frizzy hair can be time-consuming and limit your styling options, especially for spontaneous events. Zizi Brown offers a Keratin treatment to effectively manage humidity and control frizz, giving you the sleek hair you want.

This treatment not only saves time but also increases your styling options. Move beyond basic hairstyles. Contact our Reading salon to schedule your appointment and discover the transformative effects for yourself. Let your hair express your style.

Call us: 020 4568 7725

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healthy scalp

Specialist scalp treatments

Revitalise your scalp with our specialised treatments designed for dry and dandruff-prone conditions. Our effective therapies target the underlying causes of scalp issues, providing deep rejuvenation.

The outcome is a healthier, dandruff-free scalp that feels refreshed. Address persistent scalp concerns with our restorative treatments. Visit our salon to experience the benefits of our scalp therapies, enhancing both scalp health and your confidence.


Give your hair's foundation the care it deserves

"This place is definitely a favourite of mine - friendly faces and very skilled at what they do

Thanks to Fatusha - aside from being a skilled hairdresser, she always has something interesting to share." 

Leo Edochie - Google Review

Zizi Brown salon

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At Zizi Brown, we embrace a comprehensive approach to women's hairdressing, ensuring every facet of your hair needs is addressed. To book an appointment with a team of experienced hairdressers, call today:

Call us: 020 4568 7725

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