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Call our hairdressers in Reading to book an appointment. From braids, cornrows, weaves and wigs, at Zizi Brown hair salon. Our highly trained team are ready to transform your hair.

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Zizi Brown Hair Salon: Afro Hair Artistry in Reading

Hair is more than just its physical appearance, particularly with the rich heritage and diversity of Afro hair. Zizi Brown Hair Salon in Reading is a leading expert in Afro hair care.

Located in the heart of Reading, Zizi Brown is more than a salon; it's a sanctuary for individuals with Afro hair. We understand and appreciate the unique qualities of each curl, kink, and strand. Our experienced team specialises in Afro-textured hair, offering more than just a haircut or style, but an opportunity for personal expression.

Getting a Hairdo

Afro hair treatments

Afro hair, with its unique texture and form, requires a different set of skills, techniques, and even products.


At Zizi Brown, our team is adeptly trained in the latest techniques, ensuring that your hair is always in expert hands.


Over time, Afro hair can face challenges like dryness, breakage, and more. We offer specialized treatments, curated to infuse life, moisture, and strength back into your tresses, ensuring they feel as good as they look.

Cornrows and Braiding

Cornrows and braids represent more than just hairstyles; they embody tradition, culture, and artistry.

At Zizi Brown, whether you're looking for a classic cornrow style or intricate braided designs, our stylists are skilled in creating looks that are modern yet reflect heritage.

What distinguishes Zizi Brown is our philosophy of celebrating the uniqueness of Afro hair. We recognise that each client and every strand of hair is unique, and our services are customised to honour this principle.

Call us: 020 4568 7725

Studio portrait of a beautiful young woman posing against a gray background
Braids by Zizi brown

Why choose Zizi Brown

At Zizi Brown, we understand the importance of accessibility. Our conveniently located salon in Reading makes it easy for you to access exceptional Afro hair care without the need to travel far. We serve as a hub for Afro hair care in the Reading.

When you visit our salon, you are more than just an appointment; you are a valued guest. We listen to your needs, understand your preferences, and then create the perfect style or treatment for you.


Whether you want a protective style, a bold new look, or a nourishing hair treatment, Zizi Brown ensures your hair reflects your personal story.

"Great service and very much appreciated the customer service as it was my first time! Thank you so much! Would defo recommend."

Paida Dube - Google Review

Zizi Brown salon

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Our dedication is to both you and your hair. At Zizi Brown Hair Salon, when you entrust us with your hair, we commit to providing expertise, attentive care, and outstanding results.

In the field of Afro hair care, we pride ourselves on our unmatched service. We invite you to join us in celebrating the richness, heritage, and beauty of Afro hair, one strand at a time.

Call us: 020 4568 7725

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